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To change the animation based on an attribute value:
Choose Change item animation using property in the popup.
From the popup menu to the right of that popup, select a value attribute.
Click the green +/- resize button in the bottom right of the table. In the dialog that opens, enter the total num- ber of attribute values that you want to assign animation pictures to. For example, if you enter “3” and click OK, 3 rows will appear in the table.
Enter values in the Property Value column, then use the 2D popup menu to select which picture will animate the item when its attribute has that value.
For information about creating attri- butes, see “Item attributes” on page 125.
Item Animation tab, using value attributes
☞ As discussed on page 633, the Animate Item block (Animation 2D-3D library) is also useful for changing the animation picture of items that pass through it.
Blocks for customized animation
There are two ways to use blocks from the Animation 2D-3D library to add custom 2D anima- tion to a model without programming:
• Show animation when an item enters a block or when a block gets a value.
• Animatetheiconofahierarchicalblock.
Showing animation in response to model conditions
When connected to other blocks in a model, the Animate Value and Animate Item blocks (Ani- mation 2D-3D library) blocks show customized animation in response to model conditions.
Animate Value block
The Animate Value block can be connected to value connectors. There are several choices for how this block animates:
• Displaythevaluethatisinputtotheblock.
• Move a level up and down between limits.
• Flash a box, text, picture, or circle when the input goes above a specified value.
• For Mac OS only, play a movie when the input goes above a specified value.
Displaying a value is similar to using the Display Value block (Value library), except the value can be displayed in a selected color.
Animate Value dialog
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