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If you choose to animate with a level, it can be displayed in a specific color and pattern that will move between the top and bottom of the block’s icon. Be sure to specify maximum and minimum values that represent the entire range of possibilities.
To flash animation when the input is greater than or equal to a value, select a box, text, picture, or circle. The box and circle can have a color and pattern. Text must only be a few characters long so that it fits within the block’s icon. To show an animation picture, select its name from the popup menu.
To play a movie in Mac OS, the movie must be stored in the Extensions folder and must be a QuickTime movie.
Animate Item block
The Animate Item block can only be connected to the item connectors of discrete event blocks. Depending on choices in the Block tab, when an item enters the block a colored box, piece of text, a selected picture, or a selected movie (Mac OS only) is shown on the block’s icon. The Item tab is useful for changing the animation picture of the item traveling through the block.
Animating a hierarchical block’s icon
As shown below, the steps to animate a hierarchical block are: 1) Createananimationobjectonthehierarchicalblock’sicon.
2) IncludetheAnimateItemorAnimateValueblock(Animation2D-3Dlibrary)inthesub- model.
3) SelectoptionsintheAnimateItemorAnimateValueblock’sdialog.
The animation block in the submodel reads the values from other submodel blocks and, using the animation object, controls the hierarchical block’s animation based on those values.
Step 1: Create an animation object on the hierarchical icon
Open the hierarchical block’s structure window:
Select the block in the model.
Choose Develop > Open Block Structure or right-click and select Open Structure.
Add an animation object to the icon:
Click the Icon Tools button in the toolbar.
Select the Animation Object at the bottom of the pull-down menu.
Click and drag on the icon to draw the animation object to the size you want.
Animation objects display as rectangular shapes on the icon. You can add more than one animation object and you can resize them. Each animation object is assigned a number starting with 1. For example, a hierarchical block’s icon with an animation object near the output might look like the image at right.
Animation object 1 added to hierarchical block’s icon
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