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Building a Model
Other modifications
Using the Clone layer tool from the toolbar, click the plot (graph portion) of the plotter and drag it to the Notebook window.
Cloning plot onto Notebook
Run the simulation again.
The plot in the Notebook is the same as the graph on the Plotter.
For more information, see “Cloning” on page 582.
Other modifications
Since it is so easy to add and modify elements in ExtendSim models, there are many ways you can enhance them. Here are just a few examples.
• Add blocks to represent more sources of water entering the reservoir.
• AddanadditionalPlottertoseethevariouslinesondifferentplots--forexampleifthescales of the results are very different and you do not want to plot against the Y2 axis. There are four ways to create a second instance of a Plotter:
• Insert another Plotter block from the Library menu, as you did earlier in this chapter.
• Insert another Plotter block from the Plotter library’s library window, as discussed at “Library Window mode” on page 793.
• Copy and paste the existing Plotter.
• Select the Plotter, choose Edit > Duplicate, and move the duplicate Plotter to the desired location.
You can use these same techniques to duplicate any block in the model. Note that if you copy or duplicate a model’s existing block, any dialog settings for that block will also be copied.
• ConfiguretheHoldingTankblocksothatitoutputswaterovertime.Foranexampleofthis, go to “Tutorial” on page 65.
• Run the model with Show 2D animation enabled to display the water level in the Holding Tank block. Learn more, see “Blocks with built-in animation” on page 630.

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