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Choose Model > Connection Lines to see the menu of options available.
To use the command, choose an option from the menu and draw a new connection.
right angle straight
right arrow left arrow
solid dashed
black colored
default line types thin medium thick
The first set of choices in the menu lets you specify the style of the connection lines, either right angle or straight line.
The second set of choices specifies whether or not you want arrows on your right-angle con- nections (arrows can only be used with right-angle connections). The direction of the top arrow head follows the direction you draw the line when you make the connection; the bottom arrow head follows the opposite direction.
The third choice gives the ability to make the line solid or dashed. (Dashed lines are only avail- able for right-angle connections.)
The fourth set of choices in the Connection Lines command deals with the color of connection lines. Like text or drawing objects, connection lines can be any color you choose. There is no limit to the number of different colors you can use for connection lines in a single model. Selecting Black Connections in the Connection Lines command causes all new connection lines to be drawn black regardless of the current color selected in the color palette. Choosing Color Connections will cause all new connections to be drawn using the color currently selected in the color palette.
To change the color of an existing connection line, select the line and click a color in the color palette window. See “Patterns and colors” on page 640 for more information about working with colors.
Connection line choices
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