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If you don’t select the View Using Defaults option, the final connection line section lets you specify the type of line used for connections, such as thin, medium, or hollow. The View Using Defaults option will cause a connection line to be displayed using its default line type, based on the type of connector. The default connection line types are:
Type of connector Line type Value
For instance, most discrete event models track flows of items as well as calculate and show values. You can visually differentiate the flow of items from the processing of values by using the default line types. When looking at such a model, it is much clearer which flows are those of items and which are of values. For example, the beginning Car Wash model shown on page 109 uses the default types to specify item and value connection lines.
To specify the default connection type, choose the Model > Connection Lines > View Using Defaults command. You can also choose whether or not to use the default connection types in the Options dialog. When you use this command, the thickness or hollow line types are ignored. You can leave the View Using Defaults command on while you build a model, or only turn it on when you are viewing the model. Note that this is only a view option, not a true line type; if you turn the option off, the line will be thick or hollow depending on the selection in this section.
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Line types
How to change line formats
By double-clicking on a connection line segment you can select all segments between two blocks. This makes it easier to change the entire connection (e.g. line width, color, etc.) at the same time. Any other line segments that may be connected to additional blocks will not be selected.
☞ This works with both regular connection lines and named connec- tions.
To select all the connection line segments that connect from a sin- gle output, double-click on a line segment while holding down the Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) key. Alternately, you can click on one segment of the connection, then choose the Edit > Select All Segments command.
☞ Clicking anywhere else on the model worksheet with deselect all the selected line segments.
Selecting entire connection between two blocks
Selecting all line segments
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