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Model appearance
Named connections
Named connections are text labels that are used to represent one output at many locations in your model. If you have two text labels with the exact same text, you can use these to have the data, items, or flow jump from one part of the model to another. Named connections are often used when you do not want to clutter up your model with many lines. You can place the names near the blocks to which they connect and leave much of the area of your model free from connection lines.
Predator Prey model using named connections
☞ Named connections are not case sensitive and spaces and returns are ignored, but you must use identical spelling in the text names.
By using named connections, you can eliminate a lot of connection lines in your model, mak- ing it easier to see which blocks are connected to each other and preventing lines from crossing over blocks or other model elements.
To learn how to create named connections, refer to “Named connection” on page 34.
Named connections only connect within one level in a hierarchical model. This means that the data will not flow between levels if you have a named connection on one level and a corre- sponding named connection in a block at a lower or higher level. To connect between hierar- chical levels, use the Throw and Catch blocks in the Value, Item, or Rate libraries, or add connectors to hierarchical blocks. For more information about using Throw and Catch blocks with hierarchy, see “Throw Item and Catch Item blocks for merging item streams” on
page 160. For more information on adding connectors to hierarchical blocks, see “Step 4: Add connectors” on page 623.
Show Named Connections command
If you use many named connections in a model, you may accidentally connect a block to the wrong named connection. The Model > Show Named Connections command draws a connec- tion line directly between all named connections. This helps you check that you made the con- nections that you wanted.
With the Show Named Connections command selected, click on a connection line to highlight the path between the named connections. If you click on one of the connection lines and then use the Edit > Select All Segments command, all the connections for that particular named connection will be highlighted.
Model appearance
Commands in the Model menu can change how model elements appear.
Showing and hiding connections and connectors
Choose the Model > Show/Hide Connections and Model > Show/Hide Connectors commands to display or not display those elements of the model. This can be useful when you have a lot
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