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Patterns and colors
front, it will be brought to the front. Blocks, text, and cloned dialog items are always in front of any drawing item and therefore cannot be shuffled.
☞ You can also right-click an object with the Draw layer or All layers tool and choose Bring To Front or Send To Back to change the order of the objects.
Modifying objects
When an object is selected, the Model menu has additional commands available:
• Alignleft,right,top,orbottom(2ormoreobjectsmustbeselected)
• Rotate shape
• Flip horizontally/vertically
• Borderthickness
• Shape Fill/Border (Depending on the selection in this command’s hierarchical menu, the selected color fills the shape or colors the shape’s border.)
☞ One or more objects must be selected for these commands to be enabled.
Patterns and colors
Every draw object has both a pattern and a color, chosen from tools in the toolbar. The default is solid pattern and black color. Text can have color but not a pattern.
Click the Color and Pattern toolbar buttons to open their respective palette windows.
Change the color of a piece of text or the fill color of a drawing object by selecting the drawing object on the model worksheet or the text in the text box and choosing a color from the palette. To change the color of the drawing object’s border, select the com-
mand Model > Shape Fill/Border > Border Color before choosing the color from the palette. If you change the color palette before you create the drawing object or start a text box, all new drawing objects and text will be in that color.
When you select a color the hue, saturation, and value (brightness), or HSV, settings for the color are listed at the bottom of the color palette window. This is helpful when you need to assign a color using its HSV definition (in block code for example, as discussed in the Devel- oper Reference.)
In the pattern palette, black gives a solid pattern, white gives an opaque white pattern, and the “N” signifies no pattern, meaning transparent. Change a drawing object’s pat- tern by selecting the object and choosing a pattern from the palette. If you change the
pattern palette before you create the drawing object, all new drawing objects will be in that pattern.
Working with pictures
To add a picture to ExtendSim, create or open the picture in a painting or drawing program and copy it to the Clipboard. With the ExtendSim window open (model worksheet, Notebook, or icon pane) choose Edit > Paste Picture. ExtendSim pastes the picture into the window. For more information, see “Copy/Paste and Duplicate commands” on page 796.
☞ It doesn’t matter what the original file format for the graphic was (JPEG, TIFF, GIF, etc.) Once it has been copied into the Clipboard, ExtendSim treats it as a drawing object.
The screenshots that start on page 8 illustrate a use of pictures in ExtendSim models.
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