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For the Mixed type (clone drop) type, drag cloned output fields (uti- lization, length, etc.) from the dia- logs of any of the supported types of blocks onto the Statistics block icon. This causes the cloned output information to be displayed in the table. For instance, in the screenshot to the right, the length and utiliza- tion from an Activity block, as well as the utilization of a Queue block, have been cloned into the Statistics block and are reported in the table.
Accumulating data
Statistics block dialog, discrete event model
Analysis 643
Blocks that calculate statistics
• Workstationblock(Itemlibrary)
• ConveyFlowblock(Ratelibrary)
• Tanks(TankandInterchangeblocksintheRatelibrary)
When a simulation is run, one row of information is recorded in the block’s table for each block of the specified type each time an observation is made. Observations can be recorded continuously, which significantly slows simulation time, or at the end of the simulation. They are also made in response to an item or value arriving at the Go universal input connector. For instance, attach a Pulse block (Value library) to the Go connector to force a periodic or sched- uled update of statistical information.
☞ The first column of the table in the Statistics block’s dialog lists the block’s label. For a block without a label, the first column gives the block’s name.
To immediately see the current statistics, click the Update Now button; this is also useful if you want to see which blocks will have their statistical information collected during the simulation run.
Statistical methods
The Statistics block’s Options tab allows you to select one of three statistical methods: • Multirun analysis
• Batch means
• Custom
Choosing one of the first two methods causes specific settings to be selected in the block’s Options tab. For the “custom” option, manually select which settings you want.
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