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Building a Model 41
Next steps
• Set delta time to a value less than 1, as discussed onpage 89. This calculates output values between the steps, so you can see finer resolution of the model results.
Next steps
You have learned the basic techniques for running and building models and some additional techniques for enhancing your models. The following are some suggestions on which sections of the manual to explore next, depending on what your own simulation requirements are.
• TheTutorialmodule’s“SimulationConcepts”chapterdiscussesmoregeneralsimulation and modeling concepts and how ExtendSim can be used for all types of modeling. It describes the three main modeling methodologies (continuous, discrete event, and discrete rate) as well as modeling approaches such as Monte Carlo, Agent Based, and State/Action.
• Ifyoualreadyknowthetypeofmodelingyouwanttodo,thespecificmodulesare: • “Continuous Modeling” starting on page 61.
• “Discrete Event Modeling” starting on page 97.
• “Discrete Rate Modeling” starting on page 323.
• “3DAnimation”startingonpage461.
• The“HowTo”modulestartingonpage564hasseveralchaptersthatshowhowtouse ExtendSim to do common modeling tasks (such as creating a user interface, analyzing model results, etc.).

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