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Analysis 653
Scenario analysis
☞ As shown at the bottom of the Database menu, adding a Scenario Manager block to a model automatically creates a database named Scenario DB. This is where the results of each individ- ual scenario, as well as model factors, are stored. See “Analyze results” on page 657 for more information.
Your model should now look similar to the following screen shot:
Model with Scenario Manager block
Open the dialog of the Scenario Manager block
Dialog of Scenario Manager block
As seen above, the Scenario Manager has tabs for Factors, Responses, Scenarios, and Export. These represent the steps in using the Scenario Manager.
Identify and add factors and values
The next step is to determine and add to the Dialog Factors table any dialog factors (model parameters) you want to include in the analysis. The information is in the following table.
Block Name (Label)
Resource Pool (Attendant Resource)
Activity (Wash Bay) Activity (Wash/Wax Bay)
Parameter Initial number
Delay (D) Delay (D)
Factor Name Attendants
Wash Time Wash&Wax Time
Values 1, 2, 3
5, 6, 7 6, 7, 8
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