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Analysis 655
Scenario analysis
Entering values
Now that the factors have been entered, it is time to enter their proposed values. There are two methods for entering values:
• DirectlyinthecolumnsoftheScenariostable.Todothis,enteravalueforeachfactorand every scenario in the Scenarios table of the Scenarios tab.
• AutomaticallyusingaDOEmethod.TousetheScenarioManager'sDOEfeatures,youneed to choose the minimum, maximum, and step (the increment between the minimum and max- imum values) for each dialog variable factor.
Since this example uses the Full Factorial DOE method:
Go to the Factors tab of the Scenario Manager block
Enter the minimum, maximum, and step values for each of the factors as shown below
Factor Name
Minimum Maximum Step
13 1 57 1 68 1
Wash Time
Wash&Wax Time
Car Interarrival Time 3 5 0.5
Identify and add targeted responses
The next step is to add responses to the Scenario Manager.
☞ While you could use any of the 3 options from page 654, this section uses the clone drop method to associate the parameters with the Scenario Manager.
The responses (results of interest) are in the following table:
Block Name (Label)
Queue (Wait for Attendant) Queue (Wait for Attendant)
Tab Parameter
Results Length: Average Results Wait: Average
Response Name
Average Length Average Wait
In the Queue block’s Results tab, click the dialog variable field for Length: Average
Right-click the variable field and select Clone Tool
While holding the cursor on the parameter field, drag the field to the Scenario Manager’s icon.
When the icon becomes selected, release the cursor In the dialog that appears, select Response Name the response Average Length
Notice that the Dialog Responses table in the Scenario Manager’s Responses tab now contains all the information about the Average Length variable.
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