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656 Analysis
Scenario analysis
Use either the Shift-click or the clone-drop method to add the Average Wait response to the Scenario Manager
The Dialog Responses table in the Responses tab should look like the following:
Portion of responses table
Determine what will be in the report
The fourth step is to determine what type of report you want and what you want in the report.
The Dialog Responses table in the Responses tab is where you specify what level of statistics you want the report to calculate and which responses you want included in the report. In most cases, you would leave them set to the defaults. However:
• IfyouareusingJMP,theMin/Maxcolumnprovidesadditionalinformationforanalyzingthe results in JMP.
• TheReportSetcolumndetermineswhichreportisrunforthespecificresponse.Thedefault is to only show the mean or average value of the response for each scenario, but more detailed statistics can be added by selecting a different report set.
• TheIncludeinReportcolumnisforchoosingwhichresponseswillbeincludedinthereport. For this example:
Keep the default settings
Select the DOE and run scenarios
The Scenarios tab of the Scenario Manager block is for choosing a method for the DOE as well as for creating and running the scenarios. As described more on page 664, there are several DOE methods you can choose:
• Manual design
• Fullfactorialdesign
• JMPcustomdesign–whichhastwooptions(Windowsonly)
• Minitaboptimaldesign–whichhastwooptions(Windowsonly)
The options for JMP and Minitab allow you to either create then run the scenarios (and later export the report to JMP or Minitab), or create and immediately run the scenarios, automati- cally exporting the report to JMP or Minitab and storing it in ExtendSim. These options require either JMP from SAS Corporation or Minitab from Minitab Inc. to generate the design and analyze the results.
In the Run Control section, choose DOE method: Full factorial design
Click the Create Scenarios button
This generates all of the combinations of the factor values. There will be a total of 135 rows (3 x 3 x 3 x 5 levels) in the Scenarios table. By default all of the scenarios are selected; to not run a specific scenario, uncheck its Select check box.
Since you want all of the scenarios to run, leave all of the Select check boxes selected Enter Runs per scenario: 5
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