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Analysis 657
Scenario analysis
Click the Run Scenarios button.
This process may take some time as 675 replications are required to complete the scenario
☞ Suggestions:
The scenarios will run a LOT faster if the command Run > Show 2D Animation is not
Uncheck Play Sound at End of Run in the Edit > Options > Model tab before the run.
When the scenarios have completed running, you should see the following in the Scenarios table:
Portion of scenarios table
Analyze results
The Scenario DB database, listed in the Database menu, automatically stores all the responses of each scenario in a series of tables. The tables correspond to the rows of the Scenario Name column in the Scenarios table. The All Scenarios table of the Scenario DB contains informa- tion about all the model factors and responses. You can use the Scenario DB to perform analy- sis, or export selected information to a different database, to Excel, or to JMP or Minitab, as discussed on page 658.
Some additional things to notice for your analysis are:
• Uncheck Include in Report in the Responses tab to not include a responses in the Report
• Each response will have the type of report indicated in the Report Set column of the Responses tab. The default is to display the mean value for each response variable but you can also display the confidence interval, standard deviation, and so forth.
☞ Changing a Report Set after the scenarios have been run causes the Scenario Manager to recal- culate the results with the new set. This is useful if you change your mind about the report you want.
• Depending on what has been selected as the Response tab’s Report Set, each response will have one or more columns in the Scenarios table of the Scenarios tab. These columns sum- marize the results of each set of replications for each scenario. The type of report, for exam- ple CI for confidence interval, is indicated in parentheses in the header of the column.
• On the Scenarios tab, the Details column in the Scenarios table opens a database table con- taining the original data that was used to calculate all the statistics. The table is from the Sce- nario DB database that was created when the Scenario Manager block was first placed in the model.
• By default all of the scenarios are selected in the Scenarios table; to not run a specific sce- nario, uncheck its Select box
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