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662 Analysis
Scenario analysis
☞ Because they would commonly be used, the Model Data database has two tables that weren’t strictly required for the example: the Parent table (Wash Type) and the list of source tables (Preference Sources).
The structure of the Model Data database is shown below.
Create a source list (optional)
If you plan to perform DOE, create an additional table for each database factor variable, where each table has a list of the possible values for that variable. This is a table of tables, or a factor source list.
Using a factor source list allows you to choose from a subset of database variables rather than from all of the database variables in the model. This makes it easier to create the scenarios manually and to use DOE. Without this list of factor sources, any table in the database would be listed in the Database Factors table as a possible factor source table.
As discussed earlier, a factor source list, named Preference Sources, has already been created for this example. As you will see later, checking Use Source List in the Database Factors table limits the possible entries to those in the source list (in this case, to the Preference Sources database table).
Link to the target table
To control the model’s wash preference probabilities, the Random Number block’s empirical probability table must be linked to the target table – Wash Preference:
Click the Link button in the Random Number block’s Preference/Probability table In the Link dialog popup menu, select Link To: Database Table
Select the database named Model Data
Choose the table named Wash Preference, then click Link
Close the Random Number dialog
Factor Target
Factor Sources
List of Factor Sources
How To

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