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Analysis 663
Scenario analysis
Enter database factors
You cannot Shift-click or clone drop a database variable. However, you can enter the informa- tion manually. The Database Factors table also has popups for selecting the appropriate infor- mation.
Check the Database Factors check box to enable the Database Factors table Use the +/- resize button to add one row to the table
Enter the following information in the Database Factors table:
Column Header Target Name
Target Type Target Database Target Table Target Field Target Record Use Source List
Source Database Source Table Source Field
Generate and run the scenarios
Enter or Select This Information Wash or Wash/Wax
Model Data
Wash Preference (leave this cell blank) (leave this cell blank)
X (check the box; see page page 662 for more about source lists)
Model Data
Preference Sources
Wash Preference Table Name
Generate and run the scenarios as you did in “Select the DOE and run scenarios” on page 656. If you use the Full Factorial method and have 5 runs per scenario, 405 scenarios should be cre- ated and it will take 2,025 replications.
For comparison, see the Scenario Manager DB Factors model located at \Examples\Tutori- als\Discrete Event\Scenario Manager.
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