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672 Analysis
The finished Objectives tab for the Optimizer block looks like:
Optimizer dialog, Objectives tab
Running the optimization
Open the Optimizer block’s dialog.
Select the Run Parameters tab. Since this model has random elements, click the Quicker Defaults button in the Random model section. This quickly sets up all the parameters for a stochastic (random) model needing multiple samples, but limits the number of samples by default so you can get results more quickly.
Run the optimization by clicking New Run in the Optimizer’s dialog, clicking the Run Opti- mization or Sceanrios tool on the toolbar, or by giving the command Run > Run Optimiza- tion or Scenarios.
While the optimization run is progressing, notice how the MaxProfit value is increasing in the top rows of the table in the Results tab. Notice also how the plotter shows the MaxProfit and convergence values increasing.
☞ The optimization will complete faster if you close the Optimizer block. You can leave the Opti- mization Value plotter open to watch the values converge without slowing the run down.
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