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Analysis 673
When the run is finished, the Optimizer opens and displays the Results tab.
Optimizer dialog, Results tab
The best values for the selected parameters (drink size and delivery times) will have already been placed into the model, the drink tank is never empty, and the profit will be maximized. The results of the run as seen on the Objectives and Results tabs are:
• NumSold (total sales) is blank because it has not been changed; it is an output from the model.
• DeliveryTimes(Fillertruckrepeatprm)=around250minutesbetweendeliveries(2deliver- ies).
• DelTankSize (Filler truck data_tbl) = around 5200 drinks per tank delivered.
• EmptyTime (Empty time contents) is blank because it is an output value from the model.
• MaxProfit(ontheResultstab)=around$12,000.
Your results will vary a little from those shown in this guide because of the randomness of the model and because you have set the convergence and samples for a quick result.
☞ As mentioned earlier, it is a good idea to run the model with optimization additional times to make sure that the answers agree or are at least close. This provides assurance that the first answer is not a false or sub-optimal.
Adding constraints
The optimization results indicate that the profit would be maximized if you ordered tanks that hold approximately 5200 drinks and if the second tank were delivered about mid-day. But what would happen if the drink distributor only had specific size tanks and delivery times? By con- straining a parameter, values that fall outside the constrained boundaries are not considered as
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