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676 Analysis
After entering the equations in the Optimizer block, the Constraints tab should look like:
Optimizer dialog, Constraints tab
Running the optimization
Click the New Run button in the Optimizer dialog or give the command Run > Run Optimiza- tion or Scenarios. It is a good idea to run the optimization with the new constraints multiple times to make sure that the first answer is not a false or sub-optimal.
Because there are random elements in the model, the results will differ from, but should be close to, the following:
• NumSold(totalsales)isblankbecauseithasnotbeenchanged;itisanoutputvaluefromthe model.
• DeliveryTimes (Filler truck repeat time) = 270 minutes between deliveries (2 deliveries a day).
• DelTankSize (Filler truck data_tbl) = 6000 drinks per tank delivered.
• EmptyTime (empty time) is blank because it is an output value from the model.
• MaxProfit = around $10,500.
Note that the profit may have decreased slightly from the previous optimum results. This is due to the constraints put on the model parameters.
Using the Optimizer block
This section examines, in detail, how to get the most out of the Optimizer block.
How To

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