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680 Analysis
Stat::Fit (Windows only)
an appropriate distribution to represent it. There are two advantages to using statistical distri- butions rather than raw historical data as inputs to a model:
• Values for input random variables are not limited to what has happened historically.
• Forcontinuousdistributions,aninfinitepoolofdataexists.Withhistoricaldata,thereissel- dom enough collected data to support multiple simulation runs.
Stat::Fit is a software package from Geer Mountain Software ( that helps the analyst determine which distributions, if any, offer a good fit for the underlying data. ExtendSim has an interface so you can easily access the power of Stat::Fit.
☞ Stat::Fit is a Windows application included with the ExtendSim AT and ExtendSim Suite prod- ucts. It can be purchased separately for use with other ExtendSim products.
The StatFit Example, shown on the right, is a discrete event model. It has Stat::Fit choose a distribution for a Random Number block (Value library) using a pre-built text file of data.
By default, the Random Number block is set to the Uniform Real distribution with a Minimum of 0 and a Maximum of 1. The 32 historical data points in this project will be used by Stat::Fit to define which distribution and associated parame- ters might be more appropriate.
StatFit Example model
Open the StatFit Example model located in the folder \Examples\Tips\Modeling Tips. In the Distribution Fitting tab of the Random Number block, click Open Stat::Fit. The Stat::Fit application should appear on your screen with a new blank document.
Stat::Fit application window
In Stat::Fit, select File > Open.
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