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Key on-off tool
Clicking this tool turns on and off the key at the bottom of the plot pane. The labels, colors, patterns, and symbols that the key shows come from the entries in the Trace properties tool’s window. The key is handy if you are not viewing the data table at the bottom of the plotter win- dow or if you copy the plot to another document. If the key is on when you run each simula- tion, the key will show on each plot page.
Autoscale tools
The three autoscale tools are used to manually scale the axes to fit the data after the simulation has run. The first tool scales the X axis to fit all values that were measured in the simulation without changing the Y axis. The second tool scales the Y axes to fit all values that were mea- sured in the simulation without changing the X axis. The third tool scales both axes at once. This is especially useful if a run of the simulation goes off one side of the plot. You can manu- ally autoscale the axes while the simulation runs.
Note that you can also choose to have the data automatically scaled at the end of the simulation run, during the run, or not at all. You do this using the “autoscale” popup menu in the Display tab of the Dialog Open tool. By default, most plotters autoscale at the end of the simulation run.
Zoom in and Zoom out tools
There are many times you want to see a particular part of your plot in more detail, or want to zoom out and look at a larger area of the plot. The Zoom in tool magnifies an area of the plot. After you click this icon, the cursor becomes . Drag the cross-hairs over an area of the plot and release the mouse to zoom in to match the described rectangle. The Zoom out tool zooms out by changing the axes by a factor of 2 in each direction. After using the Zoom in or Zoom out tools, you can use the Autoscale tool or the Edit > Undo command to reset your axes.
Redraw trace tool
The Redraw trace tool lets you change your data on the plot and see the results in the plotter’s data table. Click and hold down the mouse on the tool to display the menu. Choose one of the four traces that you want to change. The cursor becomes a pencil, . You use the pencil to redraw the data that was plotted. After you are done drawing this, you can see the values for the drawn data by looking in the data table. The Redraw trace tool is only available in continu- ous, non-scatter plotters, like the Plotter I/O.
Push plot tool
Each time you run a simulation with the plotter open, the previous run is automatically saved onto page 2 of the plot. Changes made to the plot after the simulation run (such as autoscale, magnify, and turning the key on) are not automatically saved. Also, if the plot was closed during the simulation run, the plot image from the last run will not be saved to page 2. After you change the view of a plot or run a simulation with the plotter closed, you may want to save a copy of that plot in one of the plotter’s plot pages. To do that, click the Push Plot tool.
For example, assume that you are looking at a magnified portion of the plot and you want to save that magnified view before running the simulation again. Use the Zoom In tool, then click the Push Plot tool to keep a record of that view. Then choose Edit > Undo Zoom in to restore your original axis values, and run the simulation again.
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