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686 Analysis
When you use this tool, the current plot image is saved onto page 2. The previously saved images are each pushed up one page so that the image that was on page 4 is discarded.
Plotter dialogs
ExtendSim comes with many types of plotters, as seen in “Types of plotters” on page 687. Plotters have a dialog that you can access by clicking on the Open dialog tool at the top of the plotter. Choices that some of the plotters have in common are:
Show plot during simulation
Show plot at end of simulation
Do not show plot
Show instanta- neous queue length
Don’t continue line to Endsim
Show plot Autoscaling
Insert plotter back- ground
xaxisshowsCalen- dar dates with
Plot every nth point Data storage tab
Determines if the plotter window is automatically opened during the simula- tion. For example, you probably do not want the plotter to open if you are running the model with animation on.
Display plotter window only when simulation has been completed.
Plotter window remains hidden until the plot icon is double-clicked.
For discrete event plotters, plots additional data to show when a queue changes length in zero time. For example, when an item enters and leaves the queue during one event.
For discrete event plotters, stops drawing the plot trace at the last event, not at the End Time of the model run.
Brings the plot window to the front if it is already open, and opens it if it is closed.
Automatically resizes the Y-axis of the plot based on the maximum and minimum values observed. The plot can automatically scale during the sim- ulation, at the end of the run, or not at all.
When checked, enables a popup for selecting a background for the plot pane. You can copy custom plotter backgrounds into the Extensions\Pictures folder. They must be windows metafiles (.wmf) or bitmaps (.bmp) for Win- dows or PICT resources in a Macintosh resource file for Mac OS.
IfUseCalendardatesischeckedintheRun>SimulationSetup>Setup tab, this option expresses time units on the plot pane in Calendar date for- mat, displaying full date and time, no time, or time only. For more informa- tion, see “Calendar dates” on page 606.
In continuous plotters, lets you specify that the plotter should only draw the nth point of the data it receives. This is useful if there are many data points and the points are all very close together, or to make the plot draw faster.
The choices on this tab are to plot all data, all important data, or reduced data. This is useful if you have plotters that store too much data, as some of it may be redundant. The Reduced data choice samples from the incoming stream, conserving memory.
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