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Plotters are located in the Plotter library. As indicated in the following table, each plotter has a distinct purpose. Some can only be used in continuous models (“C”), some only in discrete event or discrete rate models (“DE/DR”), others in both (“Both”).
☞ Discrete Event plotters are used in discrete event models. However, since they plot values not items, you must connect a value output (as opposed to an item output) to the Discrete Event plotter. This tells the plotter what information about the items or about the status of the model you want to plot.
The MultiSim and Error Bar plotters are specifically designed to be used when you run multi- ple simulations for Monte Carlo or sensitivity analysis. You choose the number of times you want the simulation to run in the Run > Simulation Setup dialog.
Analysis 687
Types of plotters
Bar Chart
Gantt Chart
Plotter, DE Error Bars
Description Model
Windows only. Displays a bar graph of up to six input values. Both The bars can change instantaneously or at regular intervals.
Unlike other plotters, the bar chart does not record any data. It
uses the IOComp ActiveX control to display the graph.
Windows only. Plots up to six Gantt chart bars. Each bar displays Both one of the following types of information:
• The binary status of a variable (on or off)
• Thelevelofavariable(theheightofthebarvarieswiththe level)
• ThestatusofanActivityorWorkstationblock(Item library)
It uses the IOComp ActiveX control to display the graph.
Creates a histogram of all the values it receives. Each bin counts Both the number of data values that fall within its range, or the amount
of time that the incoming value was in that bin (if the Time
Weighted option is used). The number of bins and the overall
minimum and maximum range values are specified in the plot- ter’s dialog. The maximum and minimum can be the entire range received or specified numbers. You can specify in the dialog whether to plot the data from each step or, if you run multiple simulations, to plot the final values of each run. The dialog also displays the number of points that fall within the specified range.
Shows the mean and standard deviation of a value. This plotter is DE/DR used when running multiple discrete event or discrete rate simula-
tions, such as for Monte Carlo modeling or for sensitivity analy-
sis. The time line is divided into a number of equal intervals
specified in the dialog. You can also choose to use time-weighted statistics. The plotter calculates the average mean of the value over each interval and from this determines the mean and stan- dard deviation over all of the runs.
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