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Plotter, Scatter (4)
Plotter, Strip
Plotter, Worm
Analysis 689
Description Model
The same as the Plotter, Scatter except that you can plot up to four Both sets of data. You must connect both the x and y inputs of at least
one pair in order to plot data.
Shows a moving strip chart of a specified number of data points C plotted over time. The strip chart moves left as the data appears
on the right side of the plotter. In the dialog, you can specify the numbers of points to show on the chart. Because it uses less mem- ory than the Plotter, I/O, this is especially useful if you are run-
ning a long simulation and only need to monitor the current conditions.
Shows two sets of data plotted as x, y value pairs for a specific Both number of points. You can specify how many points to show at a
time (the worm width) in the dialog. This is like the Plotter Scat-
ter except that points are deleted. Use this if you are generating a
great deal of data but do not need to see all of it. You must con- nect both the x and y inputs of at least one pair in order to plot data.
Copying plotted information
You can copy the information from the plotter to the Clipboard. If the plotter is the front-most window, simply choose Edit > Copy Plot to copy the picture of the plot into the Clipboard. To copy the data, you must select it, then choose the Copy command.
Clearing plotted information
When the plotter is the active window, clear all the data associated with the current plotter by selecting the Edit > Clear All Plots command. This is useful to reduce the size of a model for distribution or archiving.
The report commands in the Run menu are for generating custom reports of model data. The commands let you choose just the blocks you want in the report, or you can choose to report on all the blocks in a model.
For example, if you have a discrete
event model with queues, you might
want to check each queue to see what
the maximum queue length was. You
could simply look in the report for those queues.
☞ If you build your own blocks and want to use the Report features for debugging, add special code to the blocks as described in the Developer Reference.
Report options
How To

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