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Types of reports
There are three types of reports that can be generated:
• The Statistics (DB) report contains the final values for the output parameters. The statistical data from each simulation run is stored in an ExtendSim database, organized by block type so that there is one table per type of block.
• The Dialogs (Text File) report includes the final values for the input and output parameters of every chosen block, as well as the information in each block’s comments field. Since this report includes the values and settings for all of the parameters in each of the selected blocks, it is a good tool for documenting a model.
• TheStatistics(TextFile)reportcontainsthefinalvaluesfortheoutputparameters,storedin a text file. This report arranges the statistics in tabular form, allowing for easy comparison of block results and exporting to spreadsheets.
☞ Only one type of report can be generated for a given run.
As shown above, the currently selected type of report is displayed as part of the Report Type command in the Run menu. All the report types organize the data first by block category, then by block number, allowing you to easily locate the results for a particular block. The text file reports are saved as text files and open automatically when the simulation is finished. If you perform a multi-sim run by setting the Runs parameter in the Simulation Setup dialog to a number greater than 1, each report is appended to the current report file so that you can com- pare reports from earlier runs. However, if you perform two consecutive single runs, the reports will be written to separate files or, if you specify the same file name, written over.
Note that model reporting only tells you the final values of the blocks in the simulation. If you want to see the values of the blocks during the simulation, use the tracing commands described in “Model tracing” on page 726.
Generating reports
Before generating a report, you need to choose which blocks to report on. To include some blocks in a report, select the blocks and choose Run > Add Selected to Report. To have all the blocks in a model be included, choose Run > Add All To Report. To report on fewer blocks in the next simulation run, select the blocks you want out of the report and select Run > Remove Selected from Report; to start over on your selection of blocks, choose Run > Remove All from Report.
It’s highly recommended that you do not include a Plotter block in a report. Plotters write out all report data to a very large file.
You can see which blocks are being reporting on by choosing Run > Show Reporting Blocks; each block in the report displays the word Report on its icon.
Reports are opened, closed, and edited just like any other text file in Extend- Sim.
Steps for reporting
Choose the blocks you want to report, as discussed above. Select a report type using the Run > Report Type command.
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