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Debugging Tools
Find command
Find command
If a model is large, it might be difficult to find all the blocks by sight. For example, you may see in the Trace file that a particular block didn’t get the expected input. The Edit > Find command lets you locate a block by its global block number, name, label, or category, or find a text block by its global block number or by the text within it.
Global block numbers are unique, permanent identifiers
for blocks and text blocks. Name means the name of the block in the library menu (e.g. Equation). Block labels
are defined by the user in the block dialog and are espe- cially useful to find types of blocks. Category refers to
how the block is classified in the Library menu (e.g. Inputs).
The debugging blocks described above list the global block number in case you have many copies of a block in the model. Use global block number and the Edit > Find command to quickly scroll to a block and select it.
☞ You can also use the Find and Replace block, listed in the table of debugging blocks above, to find blocks. It is even more useful for finding specific dialog items in the located blocks, so you can replace their parameter values.
Item Contents of queues and activities
The Contents tab found in
the Queue, Queue Equa-
tion, Resource Item, and
Activity blocks allows you
to record and view either
what items currently reside
in the block or what items
have historically traveled
through the block. While
this feature can be quite
useful, turning it on can
slow model execution
speeds and unnecessarily
grow the size of your mod-
els. And since this feature
will most often be used for
debugging purposes, an
"Item Contents" tab has
also been added to the
Executive, where from one
location you can remotely
control the Contents tabs in
all the blocks in your
model. This will make it easier for you to selectively turn contents tracking on during the debugging phase of your model development and then turn it off once debugging has been completed. That said we fully expect customers to find uses for contents tracking beyond
Contents tab of Queue
Find dialog
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