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Item Contents of queues and activities
debugging. For example, linking a block's contents table to a database table would make that block's current item content easily accessible to other blocks in the model.
• Enable current contents: Checking this box turns contents tracking on.
• Table displays: This popup allows you to choose between the "current contents" and "histor-
ical log" modes:
• Current Contents Mode: When the current contents mode is selected, the table only displays those items currently residing in the block. That is to say, as soon as an item enters, it will show up as a new row in the contents table, and as soon as an item leaves, its row in the contents table will be removed.
• Historical Log Mode: Conversely, when the historical log mode has been selected, the table displays all items that entered and exited the block during the simulation run. That is to say a unique row will be "permanently" dedicated to each entering item.
• Display contents: This popup is displayed only when the current contents mode has been chosen. It contains three options including:
• During run: The default, will update the contents table dynamically during the run.
• Only on snapshot: Lets you click the snapshot button while the model is running in order to display contents at the time the button was clicked. Note there is a field that will record what time the snapshot was taken.
• End of run: Will display any items that are present in the block at the end of the run.
• Control log time: This checkbox is displayed only when the historical log mode has been chosen. If this box is checked, start time and end time fields appear allowing you to control the window of time during which log information will be collected.
Queue blocks
"Queue Type" blocks refer to the Queue, Queue Equation and Resource Item blocks. When they are in current contents mode, the first 2 columns of the contents table are fixed. However, clicking the green "+/-" resize button allows you to add more columns in order to track any number of additional attributes.
• Entry Time: records when an item entered the block.
• Item Quantity: shows how many items the current item represents.
Items with a quantity greater than 1 are represented in one row of the contents table. When the next item to leave the queue is a clone of the parent item, you will see the item quantity for original item decrement by 1. Not only does this save on the memory allocated to the contents table, but it also is a true representation of how items with quantities greater than 1 are handled inside the queue.
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