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Debugging Tools 721
Debugging equations
Setting breakpoints
To step through each line of code, it is first necessary to stop the code execution. In this exam- ple, it requires placing a breakpoint before the “if” statement at the beginning of the equation:
In the dialog of the Equation block, check the Enable Debugger check box Click the Set Breakpoints button
This recompiles the equation in debugging mode and opens two windows:
• The Set Breakpoints window is where you set the breakpoints
• The Breakpoints window lists the breakpoints that have been set. It is used later in this tuto- rial, for “Setting a conditional breakpoint” on page 722.
☞ Code in the Set Breakpoints window cannot be edited.
The gray breakpoint lines in the left mar- gin of the Set Break- points window indicate the only places where break- points can be set.
In the left margin
of the Set Break-
points window,
click the break-
point line that is at the left of the if statement. This turns the gray dash into a red circle.
If you click at the wrong line of code, just click it again to remove the breakpoint. Close the Set Breakpoints window.
Run the simulation. The simulation will run until the breakpoint is reached.
Stepping through the code
When the breakpoint is reached, the Debugger window opens.
• In the Source pane at the bottom of the win- dow, a green arrow is placed at the left of the breakpoint. This indicates that the code before the green arrow has been executed.
☞ The green arrow indicates which line of code will be executed next, once the run is continued.
• TheVariablespaneatthetoprightshowsthe variables used in the equation and the value of each variable at the point before the line of code at the breakpoint is executed.
• Alongthetopofthewindowarefivebuttons. These are used to continue the run, to step
Set Breakpoints window showing breakpoint at “if”
Debugger window showing breakpoint and variable
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