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Debugging Tools
Animation features for debugging
Animation features for debugging
Running the model with 2D animation on is useful for debugging. If the animation goes by too quickly for debugging, slow down the process with the Animation Slower (turtle) button in the toolbar. To resume speed, use the Animation Faster (rabbit) button.
To learn more about how models, blocks, and connection lines are animated see “Animation” on page 629.
Animating the model
If you know how a block is animated (see the block’s Help), you can watch its icon to deter- mine if something is not acting as expected. For example, if a block indicates the status of its contents, you can use that information to debug the model.
Discrete event models have additional animation capabilities and can show the flow of items along connection lines and between named connections. This gives a visual representation of what is happening in the model.
Animating item properties (discrete event models only)
Changing an item’s animation depending on a property (attribute, quantity, priority) is helpful
when debugging models. For example, in a block’s Item Animation tab you can visually differ- entiate between types of items by setting separate animation objects for each attribute value. Then observe the individual items as they flow through the model.
The Notebook is a convenient way to see the final values for several dialog items in a model or to compare inputs to outputs. This is useful in debugging because you can group the dialog items by what their final values are expected to be.
For more information, see “Notebooks” on page 586.
Stepping through the simulation
The toolbar in the application window has buttons that help if you are debugging a model. When the simulation is running, the Stop, Pause, Animation Off/On, Animation Faster, and Animation Slower buttons are available.
When you click the Pause button, the simulation pauses, the Pause button changes to the Resume button, and the Step but- ton becomes available.
☞ Instead of using the Pause command, you can use the Pause Sim block (Utilities library). It has additional options for trig- gering when to pause the simulation.
Debugging buttons while running
Debugging buttons when paused
The Step Entire Model, Step Next Animation, and Step Each Block commands in the Run > Debugging menu tell ExtendSim how far to go when the Step button is clicked after pausing.
• TheStepEntireModelcommandstartsattheselectedblockandrunsuntilthatblockwould be executed again. This is a good way to examine what happens in the intervals between when a block is called.
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