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Debugging Tools 727
Automated test environment
       ----------------------  Step #2  -----------------------
       ### calculation at Math number 2.  CurrentTime:2.
       ValuesIn = 6.7
       ResultOut = 7.1088551154443
       ----------------------  Step #3  -----------------------
       ### calculation at Math number 2.  CurrentTime:3.
       ValuesIn = 3.4
       ResultOut = 3.8298759283776
☞ If you build your own blocks and want to use the Trace features for debugging, add special code to the blocks, as described in the Developer Reference.
Automated test environment
To assist you and your company in the version accreditation process, ExtendSim includes an automated test environment for model verification. This helps verify that models will generate the same results when there is a new release of ExtendSim and identifies differences, if any.
The test environment simplifies the process of comparing simulation results between two ExtendSim releases – looking for any differences between models that were saved in a previ- ous release and the same models run in the new release. It can also be used to determine if changes made to a model affect the results.
The test environment only runs on Windows. In addition, the first time you launch the Compare Results application, you will need to run ExtendSim as Administrator. See Windows documen- tation for how to do this.
There are two components to the test environment: 1) TheCompareResultsexecutable
2) The Model Compare block, located in the Utilities library
As discussed below, you use these differently depending on whether you want to test several
models at a time or only one model.
To perform verification for several models:
Launch the mini-app named Compare Results:
Go to the Start Menu
In the list of Programs, select ExtendSim\Tools
Click “Compare Results” to launch that application. This also launches ExtendSim, if it is not already open.
It is important to note which ExtendSim release will be used for the test. If ExtendSim is not open, the Compare Results tool will launch the default version, which may not be the most cur- rent release. The safest method is to first open the ExtendSim release you want to evaluate.
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