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Debugging Tools
Automated test environment
In the Compare Results window that appears (shown at right), use the Browse buttons to select all the models located in a particular folder or to load a text file of models to run.
☞ Note that when you select a folder, any subfolders will also be selected and this may capture more models than you want. To avoid this, create a text file with the specific models you want to run, as dis- cussed below.
Click the Run Models button. This does the fol- lowing:
• If no model is open, creates a new model with some text in it. (Do not close the new model until the Compare Results process is finished.)
• Opens the selected models
• Temporarily turns off animation in those models
• Temporarily places the Model Compare block (Utilities library) in each model as it is run
• Runsthemodelsoneatatime.Notethatyoumaygeta“RunasAdministrator”mes- sage when the first model is run. As noted in the alert above, you need to run Extend- Sim as Administrator to use the Compare Results application.
• Reports the project’s progress in a green status bar below the list of models; the status and results for each model are reported in the columns.
Any models without differences are automatically closed without saving, discarding the Model Compare block.
Models with differences are left open in ExtendSim. (You can also choose that the Compare Results window only display those models.)
If there are any model dif- ferences, go to ExtendSim and open the Model Com- pare block that is in the upper left corner of the model. Each parameter that has a difference will be indicated by an entry in the column labelled Different.
When you close these models, the Model Compare block will be discarded and the model will revert to its prior saved condition.
Creating a text file
You can use the application to create a text file or create one in Excel or some other applica- tion.
To use the Compare Results application to generate the list of models to run: Browse to the folder that contains the models you want
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