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Automated test environment
Click the Save Model List button to save the generated list as a text file Edit the text file so that it only contains the models you want to verify In the Compare Results application, browse to the edited list of models
Alternately, you can directly create a text file using any appropriate application. Create the list by entering the full path to each model in each row (for example: C:\Users\John\Docu- ments\ExtendSim9.1\Examples\Continuous\Standard Block Models\Monte Carlo.mox)
To compare results for one model
While designed to assist in model verification between releases, this test environment can also be used to run different versions of a model and compare the results. For example, you could make a change to a saved model and run it before saving again to see if the results changed.
To do this:
Run and save the model, then make your changes
Place the Model Compare block in the model, open its dialog, and click the Run and Com- pare button
The results will be displayed in the block’s dialog.
To have your changes saved, you must first delete the Model Compare block, then Save the model. Simply closing the model will discard your changes along with the Model Compare block.
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