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Data Management and Exchange
User interfaces for data exchange
ExtendSim provides a variety of standards-based options for managing and sharing data inter- nally and with other applications. This chapter covers:
• UserinterfacesforexchangingdatawithinExtendSimandbetweenExtendSimandexternal data structures:
• Copy/Paste
• Importingandexporting
• Read,Write,andQueryEquationblocks
• DDLtodynamicallylinktointernaldatastructures • DDE links to external data structures
• Internal structures for storing and managing data • ExtendSim databases
• Global arrays
• Dynamic arrays
• Embeddedobjects
• Linked lists
• Exchanging data with external applications
• Blocks for accessing and managing data
• How data source types are indexed and organized
• Transferring data between ExtendSim and devices
• Standard communication technologies:
• Text files
• ActiveX/COM/OLE • ODBC
• DLLs and Shared Libraries • FTP
• Mail Slots
This chapter is concerned with the communication of data. For information about working with 2D graphic objects or pictures, see “Graphic shapes, tools, and commands” on page 639 or “Copy/Paste and Duplicate commands” on page 796.
User interfaces for data exchange
The following sections discuss methods for exchanging data within ExtendSim and between ExtendSim and external applications and devices. Some of these methods (such as Dynamic Data Linking) are specific to ExtendSim, and some (such as ADO) are industry standards for inter-application communication. As discussed below and shown in the table that follows, each method has its own specifications and properties:
How To

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