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Simulation Concepts
Other modeling approaches
cases. For scenario experimentation purposes, the inputs and outputs for this model are stored in an ExtendSim database.
Monte Carlo model
☞ The Monte Carlo model is located at \Examples\Continuous\Standard Block Models.
Queue Statistics model
The Queue Statistics model is an example of an alternative Monte Carlo modeling approach. It applies batch means analysis to a discrete event model. The model uses the batch-means method to collect multiple observations of the queueing statistics. Every 100 time units a new set of observations are recorded. Information (such as the maximum and average queue length, the number of arrivals and departures, and utilization) is stored and displayed in a table in the dialog of the Statistics block (Value library).
Queue Statistics model
☞ The Queue Statistics model is located in the folder \Examples\Discrete Event\Statistics. It is not available with ExtendSim CP.

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