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Data Management and Exchange
User interfaces for data exchange
Since you are only importing one column of data, in the delimiter dialog (shown on the right) click OK to select the default settings and import the data. (Delimiter settings are discussed later in this section.)
This action replaces the data that had been in the “Rain (inches)” column with a local copy of the source data. This exchange is one- directional and not live; if the data in the originating text file is sub- sequently changed, the text file must be re-imported to affect the change in the block.
Use this same process to import data into any data table, ExtendSim database table, or global array that is linked to a data table.
How to export data using the File menu
Exporting data using a menu command is similar to importing data, except in reverse. For example, to export results from the Reservoir Import model:
Select the data to export:
In the Reservoir Import model from above, open the Plotter I/O block.
Click in the upper left corner of the plotter’s data table so that all columns are selected.
Export the data to a text file:
Give the command File > Export Data.
In the dialog that appears, name the file Export Text, then click Save.
In the delimiter dialog that appears, click OK to select the default settings and export the data. (Delimiter settings are discussed later in this section.)
To see the exported file:
Give the command File > Open
For Windows, choose Text File or All Files as the type of file to open
Locate and open the file named Export Text. It will contain the three columns of data from the plotter.
☞ To also copy row and column titles from Plotter blocks, select the option “Allow data table titles copying” in the Edit > Options > Miscellaneous tab. ExtendSim will prompt for the titles to be copied. This is useful when exporting to a word processing program, but including titles could cause data errors if the text file is imported into a spreadsheet or an ExtendSim table.
Where to get more information
For more information about:
• Creating, saving, and using text files, see “Text files” on page 784.
• How to import and export data using the Data Import Export block, go to page 781. • ReadandWriteblocks,see“ReadandWriteblocks”onpage773.
Read, Write, and Query Equation
ExtendSim blocks can read data from internal and external sources, write data to internal and external sources, and query the ExtendSim database during a simulation run. The blocks for
Delimiter dialog
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