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Data Management and Exchange
User interfaces for data exchange
Click in the Holding Tank’s “Initial contents” parameter field and give the command Edit > Create/Edit Dynamic Link
Or, right click the “Initial contents” parameter field and choose Create/Edit Dynamic Link.
In the Link dialog’s top popup menu choose Link to: Global Array.
In the popup menu that appears, select Array name: Example Array 1. (The Reservoir 1 model already had a global array, so you can concentrate on learning how to create a dynamic link. For information on creating a global array, see “How to create and use a global array” on page 766.)
Since global arrays are zero-based, enter Col- umn #: 0 and Row #: 1. This selects the cell that contains the initial value of 25.00.
Click the Link button to close the dialog and establish the link.
Save the model.
In the Holding Tank’s dialog there is now a light
blue frame around the “Initial contents” parame-
ter, indicating that the field is dynamically linked.
Mousing over the parameter field displays the
source and location of the linked cell. To open the
Link dialog for viewing or changing the linked settings, click in the parameter field and give the command Edit > Create/Edit Dynamic Link.
When the simulation is run the Reservoir will start with an initial contents of 25 inches; it gets that value from a live link with the global array.
☞ Since this is a two-way live link, changing the “Initial contents” parameter in the Holding Tank will dynamically change the value of its record in the database table. To disable that behavior, select the Read Only Link checkbox in the Link dialog when you create the link.
Linking a data table to an internal structure
Many ExtendSim data tables have a Link button in their lower left corner. If the Link button is not present for a table, the table does not support dynamic linking.
A data table linked to an internal data structure will have its upper left corner in light blue rather than the grey of the table header.
• If the source is a database (DB) or global array (GA), those initials will be displayed in the corner
• If the link is to a dynamic array there will be no initials.
If a data table is linked to a database, double-clicking the DB initials in the upper left corner will open the linked database table’s viewer.
Because ExtendSim data tables and global arrays are zero-based, but databases are one-based, a data table’s cell at row 0, column 0 (the top, leftmost cell) is linked to the database table cell
Link dialog for Global Array
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