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Data Management and Exchange
User interfaces for data exchange
Open the Link dialog either by clicking the Link button in the lower left corner of the data table or by selecting the data table and giving the command Edit > Create/Edit Dynamic Link.
In the Link dialog:
Select Link to: Global Array (as shown
on the right).
In the popup menu that appears select Array name: Example Array 2.
Click Link to close the dialog and estab- lish the link.
Save the model.
As signified by the initials GA in its upper left corner, the data table in the Lookup Table block is now dynamically linked to the global array. Mousing over the GA initials displays the name of the linked global array.
When the simulation is run, the model will get rainfall data from a live link with the global array. (To make the difference more obvious, the global array has 6.6 inches of rainfall for the first month, rather than the 2.6 inches in the original Reservoir 1 model.)
Link dialog for Global Array
☞ Since the link is a two-way live link, changing the value of one or more cells in the block’s data table will change the values in the global array, and vice versa. If you do not want that behav- ior, select the Read Only option in the Link dialog.
The Link dialog
When you dynamically link a dialog item, the Link dialog opens and displays the Link To popup menu listing potential data sources.
☞ When the Link dialog is first opened, the Link To popup menu displays the current linked data structure (if the parameter or data table is already linked), or the term “No User-Defined Link” (if it is not linked).
The Link To popup menu has three options: No User-Defined Link, Global Array, and Data- base Table. The No User-Defined Link setting is informational only. The Database Table and Global Array options are active options for changing, or adding, a dynamic link to the parame- ter or data table. If you select either of those options, the dialog displays additional popup menus and fields to further define the data source.
A parameter or data table can only have one data source; if you change the option in the Link To popup menu, the previously linked data source will be unlinked.
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