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Opening an existing model
Open the model Reservoir 1 from the \Examples\Tutorials folder.
So that you don’t overwrite the original file, save the model as ReservoirDB.
Starting a new database
With the model window active, choose the command Database > New Database.
The Create Database dialog opens with a field for naming the database. (Note that an existing database is already listed in the scrollable field at the top of the dialog. That Example Database is used for illustrating features in other sections of this chapter.)
☞ ExtendSim assigns each database a unique index number, starting with 1. As seen for the Example Database, that number is appended to the database name and enclosed in brackets. Index numbers are used for referring to databases in equations or ModL code.
Name the new database My Database.
Create Database dialog
Data Management and Exchange 749
ExtendSim databases for internal data storage
The name can be anything you want as long as it does not start
with an underscore (_), is not used by another database, and does not exceed 63 characters. Database names are not case sensitive; they can contain spaces.
The underscore character as the first character of a database name designates that database as a Reserved database. Reserved databases are used by developers and are hidden from the user. See the Developer Reference to find more information about Reserved databases.
Click Save to close the dialog and save the new database.
The database win-
dow opens in
structure mode, as
shown at right. The
header for the win-
dow displays the
name of the data-
base and its associ-
ated model. The
structure window
is where you create
database tables, add fields to the tables, and create relationships between fields.
Adding tables and fields
With the database window active, create a new table using one of these methods: Give the command Database > New Table.
Or, right click on the database window.
Or, click the New Table button in the database’s toolbar.
In the dialog that opens, name the table My Table and click Save.
Database window
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