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750 Data Management and Exchange
ExtendSim databases for internal data storage
The new table is
placed in the All
Tables tab. The
name of the table is
listed in the table list
pane at the left of
the tab and the data-
base structure is
shown in the tables
pane on the right of
the tab. As is true
for databases, after its name each table is assigned an index number enclosed in brackets.
Create a new field using one of the following methods:
Select the table named My Table and give the command Database > Append New
Or, right click the table and choose Append New Field.
Or, select the table and click the Append New Field button in the database’s toolbar.
In the Field Properties dialog (shown at right):
Name the field My Field.
Choose the default choices: Field type: Number, General Format and Decimals: 2.
Click Save Field.
Creating records
To access the table so you can create records, do one of the following:
Double-click the table in the database window to open the viewer for that table.
Or, double-click the table name in a tab’s list of tables to open the viewer.
Or, select the table and change the popup menu in the data- base window’s upper left cor- ner from Structure mode to Viewer mode. This opens a viewer pane for that table within the database window.
Field Properties dialog
Adding new database table
Click the Append New Records
tool in the database toolbar, or give
the command Database > Append New Records.
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