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Data Management and Exchange
ExtendSim databases for internal data storage
Double-click the Parent table to open the viewer window.
Add 4 records to the Parent table.
Enter the values 5, 8, 10, and 15, one value for each record. Close the viewer window so that the database window is active.
Notice that each field in a table has connector points on its left and right sides. These are used for establishing parent/child relationships.
Draw a line from a connector point for My Field to a connector point for Contents. ☞ Draw the line so the arrow points to the parent, the source of the data.
Since the child field has existing data, the Parent/Child Relationship dialog opens with options for how the data in the child field should be handled.
In the Parent/Child Relationship dialog, select the default (top) choice and click Set Rela- tionship. (The dialog is discussed later in this section.)
This establishes the Contents field as a parent to the field named My Field. Parent fields have a red background and are listed in red; child fields have green backgrounds and are listed in green.
Parent Child relation between fields
Switch the database window to Viewer mode
so you can select values for the records in My Field.
Select My Table in the table list pane at the left of the All Tables tab. Click the arrow in record #1.
In the popup selector that appears, select the value 15.
The child cell for field 1, record 1 is now set to 15; it gets that value from the parent field. If the parent value changes, the child value will change (but not vice versa.)
The Child popup selector
In Viewer mode, when you click the down arrow in a child cell it displays a popup menu with 3 types of options. The choices are to select a value (whichever number is listed), add a “new value”, or choose “no value yet”. Choosing “new value” allows you to place a new value in the cell; the value is appended to the par- ent field. The “no value yet” option leaves the cell blank.
Child popup selector
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