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Data Management and Exchange 755
ExtendSim databases for internal data storage
Database management
This section provides additional information about using and managing ExtendSim databases, database tables, fields, records, and data.
Opening a database window
To open a database’s window so that you can change its structure or data, do one of the follow- ing:
Select the database from the databases listed at the bottom of the Database menu. Or, open the Navigator, select its Database List mode, and double-click the name of the
database in the list.
Or, select Window > Database List to open the Navigator in Database List mode, then dou- ble-click the name of the database in the list.
Opening a database list
To access the Database List, give the command Window > Data- base List. The database list is used to open a database or when copying, renaming, or deleting a database.
Copying, renaming, or deleting a database
To copy or duplicate a database, select it in the database list and
give the command Edit > Copy (or Duplicate) Database. Give the
Paste command in the database list or on the model worksheet; you
can paste into the current model or a different model. Pasting or
duplicating places a copy of the database in the database list with a
different index number and a modified name (if the database is cop-
ied into the same model’s Database List) or with the same name (if the database is copied into a different model).
☞ Giving the Paste command on the model worksheet places a copied ExtendSim database in the Database List and makes it available to the model. It does not put a visual representation of the database on the worksheet.
To move a database from one model to another, select the database in the Database List and use the Edit > Cut Databases command, then paste the database into the other model.
To rename a database, select it in the Database List and give the command Database > Rename Database. To delete a database, select it in the Database List and give the command Edit > Clear Database.
Importing or exporting a database
The command Database > Import New Database creates a new ExtendSim database by import- ing an entire database from an exported ExtendSim or SDI Industry database. In the dialog, select the database text file to import. This command imports all the tables, fields, records and so forth from the exported file and creates a new database. If you choose the name of an exist- ing database, it will be replaced. To import tables to an existing database, such that the data- base tables are appended at the end of the database, see the Import Tables command. See also “Excel Add-In for ExtendSim databases” on page 760.
Database list
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