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Data Management and Exchange
ExtendSim databases for internal data storage
Overwriting an existing database
When one database is imported into a database with the same name, but- tons allow you to choose how the import should be handled. If the original database had more tables than the imported one, a new button (Overwrite and Delete), removes the extra tables.
The command Database > Export
Database is only active when an
ExtendSim database window is
active. This command exports the
entire ExtendSim database into a
text file. You do this so you can
import the database into another
model, send the database to another
user, or to prepare a database text file for use by the ExtendSim DB Add-In for Excel (dis- cussed on page 760). To export only specific tables from a database, see the Export Selected Tables command, discussed below. To enable this command, bring a database window to the front, as described under Database menu, above.
☞ Exported databases can only be imported to ExtendSim or to the ExtendSim DB Add-In for Excel.
Managing database tables and using tabs
Tabs are useful for organizing tables by cate- gory. The All Tables tab will always contain a list of all of a database’s tables in its table list pane. You can also list some of those tables in other tabs. The database window must be in structure mode to add a tab. To create the tab, either double-click the blank area of the tab bar (that is, to the right of the All Tables tab) or give the command Database > New Data- base Tab. Clone a table to the new tab by selecting the table in the tables pane and giv- ing the command Database > Clone Selected Tables to Tab. In the dialog that appears, select a tab to clone the table to.
Database window showing new tab with cloned table
Overwriting an existing database
Import and append tables into the current database by giving the command Database > Import Tables when a database’s window is open. This imports a database text file of tables from an ExtendSim or SDI Industry database.
Export selected tables by using the Database > Export Selected Tables command. The tables can be exported as text files from one ExtendSim database to a different ExtendSim database.
To show/hide tables in the tables pane, unselect the table in the list of tables in any tab in the database window.
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