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Data Management and Exchange 757
ExtendSim databases for internal data storage
☞ Use the Hide All Tables and Show All Tables tools in the Database Window toolbar to hide and show all tables with one click.
To copy a table from one database to another, select the table in the database window, give the command Edit > Copy Tables, and paste the table into the same or a different database’s win- dow.
To move tables from one database to another, use the Edit > Cut Tables command instead of the Copy Tables command.
Managing fields
Fields are formatted using the Field Properties and Field Type dialogs, discussed in “Database dialogs and popup menus” on page 758.
To reorder fields in a table, with the database window in Structure mode, click and drag the fields.
To edit a field’s properties, with the database window in Structure mode, double-click that field.
To resize a field’s column width, put the database window in Viewer mode. Then hover the cursor over the column divider until it turns into a resize cursor, then click and drag to resize.
Use the Sort Table tool in the Viewer toolbar to sort a table’s records by up to three fields; each field can be sorted in either ascending or descending order. For example, use this to sort a table’s records first by last name, then by first name, and then by city.
☞ To create a field with mixed formats (for instance, with both strings and numbers), set the field as a string type in the Field Properties dialog. Enter numbers or strings into the cells.
Editing data
To access data for editing, in the database window do one of the following:
Double-click a table in the database window to open its Viewer window.
Or, select the table in the tables pane and change the database window’s mode from Structure to Viewer.
The records and fields for the selected table will be displayed.
By default, all cells are constant. To make a cell random, select the cell and choose the Make Cell Random tool in the Viewer toolbar.
Finding data
Database table viewer window
To find a string or number within a data-
base, with the database structure window open, give the command Edit > Find. This command opens the Find dialog. To only search a single table, select the table before giving the Edit > Find command.
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