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Data Management and Exchange
ExtendSim databases for internal data storage
Database dialogs and popup menus
Most of the database dialogs are self-explanatory. The following are more unusual or complex and require some explanation.
The Table Properties dialog
ExtendSim database tables have a Table Properties dialog that allows you to:
• Editthetable’sname.Thisworksthesame as the command Database > Rename Table.
• Deletealltherecords.Ifselected,theinitial- ization is done at the beginning of each run or at the beginning of a multi-run simula- tion.
• EnteraTooltip.Thisisthesameasentering
text in the field at the right side of the Data-
base window’s header. The text will be displayed in the Table Viewer or when a cursor is hovered over the table.
The Table Properties dialog can be accessed through the new menu command Database > Edit Table Properties or by right-clicking a database table and selecting Edit Table Properties.
The Field Properties dialog
When you add a field to a database table, the Field Properties dialog presents formatting and other options for the field, as described in the following table. You can open the Field Proper- ties dialog for an existing field by using the Database menu command or double-clicking a field in the database table.
Option Field name
Field type Decimals
Use separators Record ID field Each value unique
Read only
Initialize every record in this field to:
First run...Every run
Enter any unique name, up to 63 characters. Spaces and special charac- ters are allowed.
Format for the field. See the following table.
For general format or scientific numbers, the number of digits to dis- play. For currency and percent, the number of digits to the right of the decimal point.
Inserts commas and periods to separate digits.
The field used as an index when searching for a record in this table.
When checked, the number or string for each record in this field must be unique.
When checked, prevents the data from being changed after it has been entered.
If checked, initializes the data for all the records in the selected field to the entered parameter value. If the parameter is left blank, initializes the field’s records to a blank.
Specifies when the record initialization takes place.
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