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Data Management and Exchange 759
ExtendSim databases for internal data storage
Field type popup menu
The following table describes the options for the “Field type” popup menu in the Field Proper- ties dialog.
Field type Number
Data address Boolean checkbox List of tables
An integer or double-precision floating point number. Choose general, scientific, percent, currency or integer.
An alphanumeric string up to 255 characters
Calendar date and time
Describes the coordinates of a cell in a database table
Places a checkbox to indicate yes or no, true or false, on or off, etc.
Provides a popup menu of all the tables in the database, so you can select a table.
Save and Next Field button
This button, located in the Field Properties dialog, allows
you to start a new field immediately after you save the prop-
erties of the field you have been working on. This is faster
than saving a field and returning to the Database window to append a new field.
Database Random Distribution dialog
By default all database cells are con- stant, but they can be formatted as random numbers. To make one or more cells random, select the cells in the Viewer and choose the Make Cell Random tool in the toolbar. Or right- click the cell and choose Make Ran- dom. This opens the Database Ran- dom Distribution dialog, shown at right.
The random distributions in this dia- log are the same as for the Random Number block (Value library). For a complete list and short description, see “Choosing a distribution” on page 705.
☞ A special feature of this dialog is that
you can assign a name to a distribu-
tion in a database, allowing the dis-
tribution to be selected by custom
name in that database. For example, enter typical values for an empirical table and name it Machine Time Distribution. Or give a custom name to an exponential distribution with specific arguments.
Database Random Distribution dialog
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