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Data Management and Exchange
ExtendSim databases for internal data storage
Monte Carlo model
The Monte Carlo model (located at \Examples\Continuous\Standard Block Models) uses an ExtendSim database named “Scenarios” to store the model’s inputs and results. Using a data- base allows the model to experiment with different scenarios. Rather than dynamically linking model parameters and data tables to a database, the model uses Read and Write blocks (Value library) to provide the interface to the database. The Read blocks get random values from a database and use them to represent model parameters where the actual values are not known with certainty.
Excel Add-In for ExtendSim databases
The ExtendSim DB Add-In is a tool for externalizing the modification and construction of ExtendSim databases. Use the Add-In to:
• Import an ExtendSim database text file into Excel for editing, then export it back to Extend- Sim.
• Create new, fully structured, ExtendSim database files within Excel, then export those files for use within ExtendSim.
• LetExcelbethemasterfordocumentingthedataanddatabasestructure.Forinstance,charts and data tables can be added in Excel to help explain or analyze inputs to the database. (Any tables that do not start on row 20 are not considered ExtendSim database tables and will be discarded when the file is exported to ExtendSim.)
The data and structure of an ExtendSim database can thus be edited or created in Excel, sepa- rate from, and even in the absence of, the ExtendSim application. For example, analysts can structure or edit database files for use in models without knowing anything about ExtendSim.
☞ The DB Add-In for Excel is included only in ExtendSim AT and ExtendSim Suite; it can also be purchased separately by those who have other ExtendSim products or who don’t have ExtendSim.
Using ExtendSim versus the DB Add-In
Depending on which environment you feel more comfortable in, you can choose to create data- base files in Excel or in ExtendSim. There are some things to note though:
• ThereisnoundointheAdd-In.
• InExtendSim,databasetablescanexistonmultipletabs.InExcel,adatabasetablecanonly exist on one worksheet.
Installing the Add-In
At the time this document was written, the DB Add-In only works on Windows operating sys- tems and requires Office 2007 or better.
The DB Add-In is not automatically updated when ExtendSim is updated. Also, it is important that you use the most recent version of the Add-In, which will correspond to the most recent version of ExtendSim. The Add-In’s version is shown in Excel’s ExtendSim DB > About com- mand. Or right-click the Add-In file to access the version from its Properties > Details tab.
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