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To install the Add-In into Excel:
Follow Excel’s instructions for installing an Add-In. These will differ depending on the version of Excel and the platform you’re installing on.
In the Add-Ins dialog, click the Browse button and navigate to the ExtendSim DB Add-In file; it is located in the Documents\ExtendSim\Extensions folder.
Select the ExtendSim DB Add-In file and click OK. This returns you to the Excel Add-Ins dialog and puts ExtendSim DB Add-In in the list of available Add- Ins as shown here. (Make sure the checkbox next to ExtendSim DB Add-In is checked.)
Click OK to close the Excel Add-Ins dialog. This action installs a new Excel menu command named “ExtendSim DB”.
Excel Add-Ins dialog
Data Management and Exchange 761
ExtendSim databases for internal data storage
To install a newer version of the Add-In, un-check the
existing Add-In in the Add-Ins dialog, then browse to the newer Add-In and follow the above process. You must restart Excel to finish the update.
Importing and exporting database files
The files exchanged between ExtendSim and Excel are formatted as database text files.
Exporting from ExtendSim
To export a database file from ExtendSim so that Excel can import it, see “Importing or export- ing a database” on page 755. The exported file will be in text file format.
Importing to Excel
To import a database text file into Excel, give the command ExtendSim DB > Import Database. During import- ing, the Status bar at the bottom of the workbook reports the current table as well as the number of the record being imported and the total number of records that will be imported.
After the file has been opened, you will be given the opportunity to per- form a database consistency check, discussed on page 764.
Default menu commands for ExtendSim DB Add-In
If some or all of the database tables had been organized onto different tabs in the database, as discussed in “Managing database tables and using tabs” on page 756, Excel will populate the workbook with worksheets that correspond to those tabs. Thus each worksheet is the equiva- lent to one of the tabs in the imported database.
Exporting from Excel
To export a database file from Excel so that ExtendSim can import it, give the command ExtendSim DB > Export Database. The workbook will be exported as a database text file.
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