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Data Management and Exchange
ExtendSim databases for internal data storage
The DB Add-In will not allow you to export a database from a workbook until the database structure and content have been successfully validated, as discussed on page 764. During export, the Indexed Fields table (Data Relationship tab) in the workbook will be erased and repopulated with the current data from the workbook.
☞ Only Extendsim formatted tables, those with fields present on row 20 of the worksheets, will be exported. If you use tables or pivot tables in the workbook to help explain or analyze input, start those on rows other than row 20.
Importing to ExtendSim
See “Importing or exporting a database” on page 755.
Creating a new database in Excel
The ExtendSim DB Add-In can be used to fully specify an ExtendSim database in Excel, including parent/child relationships, formatting, data validation, and more.
To create a new ExtendSim database in Excel, in the Add-In menu give the command Extend- Sim DB > Create New Database. This opens a new workbook with three tabs:
• AllTables
• Tab1
• Data Relationships
The All Tables and Data Relationships tabs are discussed in“Required and protected work- sheets” on page 762.
The All Tables and Tab 1 worksheets are for creating ExtendSim database tables. Add more worksheets as desired.
Any tables that you want registered as ExtendSim database tables must have their fields present on row 20. Any other tables will be discarded upon export.
Required and protected worksheets
Depending on the file’s contents, a new or newly imported database file will have two or three worksheets that are required for the database’s internal structure:
• AllTablesissimilartotheExtendSimdatabase’sAllTablestab.However,becauseExcel database tables can only exist on one worksheet at a time, the only tables that show on this worksheet are those that don’t appear on other worksheets. You can rename or, if empty, delete this worksheet. If this worksheet is not present when the file is exported from Excel, the Add-In will create it and ExtendSim will populate it with a duplicate reference to all the tables in the Excel database.
• Data Relationships has an Indexed Fields table for storing all parent-child relationships in the database. This worksheet is placed after any imported worksheets.
• Named Distributions stores a list of the named distributions used in the model, if any. If present, this worksheet is placed after the Data Relationships worksheet.
Do not delete or rename the Data Relationships or Named Distributions worksheets. Further- more, do not place any other tables on those worksheets.
Creating or modifying database components
☞ Use the Add-In commands to create or delete tables, add/delete/modify fields, and so forth. Do not use the regular Excel menu commands.
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