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Adding a table
Data Management and Exchange 763
ExtendSim databases for internal data storage
• ClickinanycolumnoftheworksheetandgivethecommandExtendSimDB>AddTable.
• In the dialog that appears, name the table and indicate how many fields it should have. (See note below about renaming a table.)
• The new database table will be added to the worksheet with its field name(s) on row 20.
Modifying table or field characteristics
• To modify table or field characteristics, click one of the Ungroup (+) buttons at the far left of the worksheet. The top Ungroup button is for table properties; the lower Ungroup button is for field properties. As shown at right, clicking these buttons expands the header rows above row 20 so you know which rows govern which properties.
• To change a property, select the cell associated with that property and make the change. Some properties, such as Dec- imal, are changed by entering the desired number. Other properties, such as Comma and Unique, are changed using the cell’s Yes/No popup. Format has a popup that allows the same options as the ExtendSim database.
To change a table’s name, double click the name and make the change in the Rename a Table dialog that appears. Do not change table names using the Excel formula bar.
Modifying the table size
Properties grouped
• To add a field (column) to a table, select an existing field’s
name at row 20 so that additional Add-In menu commands
are enabled. Then give the command ExtendSim DB > Insert
New Field (to place the new field to the left of the selected
field) or ExtendSim DB > Append New Field (to place the
new field to the right of the selected field). Note: you must
select a field’s name in row 20 to enable the Add-In menu commands.
• Toaddmorerecords(rows)toatable,clickthebottomrightcornerofthetableuntilthecur- sor changes to a resize arrow. Then drag to get the correct number of records. The screen shot above shows two records below the Field 1 identifier.
Cell randomization
To make a data cell random, select the cell and choose the command ExtendSim DB > Make Random.
• IntheRandomizedialogthatappears,selectthedis- tribution and enter required values.
• Empiricaltablesmustbenamedandrequireaddi-
tional information. In the Randomize dialog’s “Dis-
tribution name” popup select Save to Named
Distribution, then give the table a name. Choose if
the values are discrete, stepped, or interpolated.
Then click the Set Values button and enter values and probabilities on the Empirical Table
Field properties ungrouped
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