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Data Management and Exchange
Blocks for data management and exchange
Typically items are created outside of the block and pass through the block. These items are called pass-through items. In some instances, you might want to create additional action items, called spawned items, based on equation logic and what has been found in the query table. If a spawn is created for a particular record, an equation can be defined in such a way that results particular to the spawned record may be saved as attributes on the spawned item.
To use this feature, enable spawning on the Options tab. This causes a new item output connec- tor to appear on the top edge of the block's icon. It also causes some additional equation vari- able types, with the prefix DBQS (for database query spawn), to be available. Those variables are shown in the table on page 778.
☞ The equation results for pass-through items are calculated independently from those for spawns.
Pass-through results are associated with the pass-through item and spawn results are associated with the spawned item. For example, results for the pass-through item might get taken from record 6 (because 6 possessed the best pass-through record rank), while the spawn might use results from record 2 (because 2 possessed the best spawn record rank).
When a spawned item is created, it represents a record from the query table. Consequently, you can think of this newly created item as a “spawned record”.
The Query Equation blocks have several types of input and output variables.While the tables that start on “Input variables” on page 696 and “Output variables” on page 699 describe the set of variables shared by all equation-based blocks, the following variables are unique to the query blocks.
To modify the number of rows used in the variable tables:
• Changethenumberofrowsinthetablebyclickingthegreen+/-resizebuttoninthetable’s bottom right corner and entering the number of rows desired.
• Delete rows by first selecting the rows you wish to delete, clicking the green +/- resize but- ton, and then selecting the option to "delete selected rows."
• Duplicate any rows by first selecting the row you wish to duplicate, clicking the green +/- resize button, and then selecting the option to "copy selected row."
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