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780 Data Management and Exchange
Blocks for data management and exchange
DB Job Shop Query model
The DB Job Shop Query model is located at \Examples\Discrete Event\Routing.
DB Job Shop Query model
The model simulates three parts, each with their own process sequence, being routed through five potential processes. Depending on the part, a process sequence is made up of some combi- nation of milling, drilling, lathing, cutting, and exiting. For example, the process sequence for part 100-3 is cut, mill, lathe, drill and then exit, while the sequence for part 100-1 only contains a milling step before exiting. Each step in the process has a random delay that is unique to each part type.
All the information needed to drive this model is located in the ExtendSim database named Database 1. The table structure of that database is shown here.
Table structure of Database 1
• TheProductstablecontainsthenamesofthethreepartsthataremodeled.
• The Production Schedule table is used by the Create block (through linking) to create parts by schedule.
• The Operations table contains a list of the five different potential operations – mill, drill, lathe, cut, and exit.
• EachofthethreeparttypeshasanassociatedProductionSpecstable.Thisisusedtodefine the steps in a part's production sequence and the delays associated with each step. The From and To fields are used to define the appropriate destination given a particular origin: “If you come from here, go to there next.”
In the model, one Query Equation(I) block is used to find the current part's next process step and its associated delay. Both pieces of information are then stored as attributes on the pass-
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